What Makes Oddsmonkey Easy to Use?

Individuals who are new to matched betting may find it difficult to believe how easy and profitable matched betting is especially if done with the right matched betting services like oddsmonkey which is a betting service site that is a lot easier if you are willing to make more money through matched betting.

So why have we recommended oddsmonkey as the best betting service for you? This oddsmonkey review will give a better understanding.

The act of matched betting has been in existence for a long time, but has just begun to get popularity around the word in this last couple of years. Websites like Oddsmonkey have helped place matched betting as one of the best ways to enjoy sports and many individuals who have never placed a bet before in their lives are now partaking in betting , with totally no risk to their money.

On their website, Oddsmonkey has a video on their website that explains everything that matched betting entails better than any other site. For beginners, Oddsmonkey makes matched betting easy by providing understandable tutorials and then post every offer from many of bookies every day.

There are also many other services provided by oddsmonkey to its members, not all of these services are available in free trial.

  • Oddsmatcher

Oddsmatcher in Oddsmonkey is where it all begun and what made other matched betting service sites to be formed. Some other sites, after oddsmonkey made their own matched betting site, decided to create theirs but was still not as good as Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher. Oddsmonkey had advanced for years and had spent so many times working out the hooks of matched betting and already had the best oddsmatcher. The Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher lets you do your betting easily and the more time you spend every day matched betting the more chances of you making more money.

  • Matched Betting Calculator

Oddsmonkey also provides you with an amazing calculator to help you work out how much you need for backing and laying. The calculator is a very important tool for matched betting so you will have to get familiar with it. It lets you know all you need to know, how much to bet, how much to lay and most especially how much money you will win as soon as the bet is complete. It is really fast and simple to use.

  • Horse Racing Matcher

Many matched betting offers circle around horse racing. For horse races the challenge there is that the odds change quickly, mostly near the beginning of the race, which makes finding a good match to be a pain and this is where the horse racing matcher from oddsmonkey comes in. Actually, there is great money to be made through horse racing extras and this oddsmonkey makes it so much easier to profit from them. It also has a sequence of filters so you can remove any bookies you don’t have accounts with.

  • Each Way Matcher

Each Way Matcher is another horse racing tool. Most horse racing bids contains the offer of an extra place during the placing of an each way bet. The Each Way Matcher a more advanced matched betting method but with the oddsmonkey and its tutorials beginners will be able to become proficient at it in no time.

  • Acca Matcher

Accumulators are essentials of matched betting but can take lots of time and discouraging. Oddsmonkey’s Acca Matcher lets you make a profit from all Acca you now place. You can try putting on an Acca bet, using oddsmonkey and use the lay bet instructions. It is really that simple. No matter what happens in the Acca concerning outcomes you are making money. You can factually make money with Acca every day if you wish.