Should You Take Your Odds With OddsMonkey?

As double betting (popularly coined ‘matched betting’) is garnering more and more spotlight as an easy way to earn non-taxable, quasi-passive income, so does the strife between websites that promise to make the whole process clearer, surge.

With there being more than a thousand bookies on the market and with new ones spawning by the hour, it is understandable that many a plenty require help with getting the whole thing started.

From the alleged reputation of the company behind the betting site to the number of available matches suitable for making a profit, going at it alone is a battle one cannot win alone.

Let’s not mention the sequential change of rules that make every betting site unique in its own way.

With that being said, with the number of matched betting sites on the increase, it is very important to have a clear perspective on the respective company that you entrust your money too.

That is why this review has been created in the first place, to lay out all the facts and relinquish all the petty little nuances that might find their way into our conscious rationale.


1)    No Additional Charges

What I liked about Oddsmonkey’s marketing ploy was the one-time monthly fee of a measly 14.99 $, without any sort of additional chargers or up-sells.

2)    They Are Relatively Cheap In Comparison To Their Competitors

They have in fact caused numerous competitors to either lower their fees or offer up more for the price tag, which is a very good sign as it drives market prices down and consumer smiles up!

3)    Although They Are A New Service, They Have Old Roots

What surprised many in the betting scene was the fact that Oddsmonkey seemingly entered the game and took it by its tail from the moment of its inception!

That is not quite true, as they have been very prominent in the past for being a provider of the actual software and machinery required to successfully run a matched betting site.

4)    Their Forum Is A Relaxed, Helpful Community

When signing up with Oddsmonkey, you gain access to an esoteric community of like-minded individuals that share the little-known tricks of the trade.

Although one would think that the conversations had there would be boring, stale and mundane at the best- the big shocker sure were all the memes, witty remarks and a general sense of belonging to the community.


1)    The Training Guides Are Worthless

I might be a bit harsh with the wording here but let’s be honest for a moment here, matched betting is no child’s play and there is a steep learning curve one has to go through if he ever wants to accomplish anything.

Although the videos did touch upon a lot of subjects, the knowledge contained inside of them was rudimentary at best.


While you will have to resign yourself to learning a lot of the finer things on your own accord, with a helpful community and a steady stream of new information, all accompanied by a professionally designed user-interface, Oddsmonkey gets my seal of approval as an exceptional service.