Selling Custom Socks As Our Team’

My husband is the coach for a local little league baseball team in our town. Our son plays on this team and loves it. The team doesn’t have a whole lot of money and we are always looking for different and unique ways to hold fundraisers to help with the costs of the team. We have done all of the typical fundraisers in the past and are going to hold a brand new one by selling custom socks. We found a company online that has a wide variety of socks to choose from that are completely customizable.

I think we are going to go with one or two basic designs with the team logo on them with the option of adding a name to the socks. There will also be two options to choose from which are athletic crew socks or knee high socks. I think the athletic crew socks will be the most popular. The sock will have both of the team colors along with the team logo on them. In my honest opinion, I think our design is pretty impressive and will be a hit with everybody.

We are going to hold a meeting after our next practice to inform everybody of our newest venture in raising money for our little league team. We will discuss all of the details and answer all questions anybody may have. Before the meeting, we will have to decide on a deadline for taking orders and handing them into the fundraising chairperson. I went ahead and ordered a pair of each of the socks to show all of the parents so they will know exactly what they are selling. I think this is a great idea that is going to raise a lot of money for our team. I sure hope it goes over well with everybody else.