Why Matched Betting is not for everyone

At this point, you’ve probably heard about matched betting and read a lot of its concepts and how to play it. You’ve also probably tried out the trial offered at Oddsmonkey to see whether it is really telling the truth and that it is not a “too good to be true” offer. You’ve probably realized at this point that even though matched betting is such a good way to earn some income on the side, knowing that there is no risk in betting at all, you’d wonder why not everyone is into it.

Here are some reasons why.

It smells of scam.

One of the biggest setbacks of matched betting is that the offer is too good to be true that it is behaving in the same way that scammers do.

But there are some characteristics of matched betting, especially with Oddsmonkey that makes them better compared to scams. The latter promises a lot of things that are too excessive and it forces you do to it. Matched betting may have the first characteristic, but it is not on a scale that it is excessive. One thing that gave way to matched betting and gained a lot of bettors is it doesn’t promise a life filled with riches when signing up under them. Not even one of them asks their bettors to make payment right away. All they need to do is serve the bettors with their account and it will be up to the bettors where they are going to place their bets. The service provides an online tutorial on how to get started and several other info on how matched betting works.

It makes you lose a lot of money.

Matched betting is indeed a gamble, but not on a scale that you lose a lot of money, unless you do it that way. There is a reason why you need to understand the basics of matched betting first because through there you get to create a strategy on how you are going to make your next move – whether you are going to use the free bet offered to you by the bookmaker or you bet your own money and bet on both outcomes. Bettors are expected to place a bet on both outcomes, but it will be up to the bettor to place how much. Whatever the results are going to be, you will still earn money. This is why many people talk about how much they have earned well with matched betting because they are guaranteed to win.

It is illegal.

Matched betting does sound illegal if you do not know a thing about it. The money is tax free wherein it utilizes the offers of the bookmaker. However, you will be surprised that matched betting has been around for many years and it is a legal transaction. This is because the bets made in here are based on the outcomes of sports events. This means both minor and major sports events are made bets in matched betting.

Can Students Earn Profit with Matched Betting?

College students that have loans to pay off after graduating is like a death sentence for some of them. This is because they know they aren’t guaranteed with a job right after they graduate. And even if they do get secured for a job just before finishing college, it can be quite a challenge to maintain a budget to live for yourself and at the same time paying for the money you owe from college. So when college students hear about a risk free gambling that can make them earn big, of course they would be talking about matched betting.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a kind of gambling that is free from risks and it usually bets on sporting events. Many of those who have made bets in this refer to it as ‘bonus hunting’. Those who want to join in this kind of betting are expected to open an account with the bookmakers like Oddsmonkey before they place their bets. However, most matched betting start off with a free bet you can take advantage of. This is especially true when you use their free trial if you aren’t sure if matched betting is really for you.

The idea here is that you get to extract the free bets just by betting both on against and for on a certain event. There are online betting sites that offer matched betting. This is why there is no risk to matched betting because you have an option of placing two bets and it cancels each. Depending on how much you bet, you get to win some and lose some at the same time.

The key feature in extracted profit guaranteed for you is to repeat the ‘matching’ process on a particular bet again, but it will be using the free bet offered by the bookmaker rather than using your own money. Whatever the results may be, the bettor is guaranteed with a profit or a win. By applying the same technique in extracting free bet provided by the bookmakers, this can result to a very big haul of money.

Students and the risk of joining matched betting

There is still the risk of anyone joining matched betting, not just the students. While in theory matched betting doesn’t have any risks, the sole risk of this method is that most people who have a lack of understanding on how matched betting works is what really makes them lose a lot of money. There is a reason why services like Oddsmonkey offer a video tutorial and an overview of matched betting when bettors open an account with them. The problem with these people is that they get too excited that they just dive in without understanding how the whole thing works.

If students were to join in matched betting, it is important that they read up more information regarding the technique and record all the activity they have made with the service, like Oddsmonkey, in a spreadsheet.

Why Isn’t Everyone Into Matched Betting?

Many people have testified about matched betting with Oddsmonkey and how it has made them earn huge rewards from it. It is a method wherein the risks are non-existent even though you are gambling. Where in the world are you going to find gambling with no risks involved at all? The answer for that is matched betting. What’s more, the first time you engage in this, you are given a free bet. So if this is such an amazing thing to earn extra income on the side, why isn’t everyone into it?

The reasons are not surprising and they are easily refuted with evidences.

It is a Scam

This is the most common reason that many people think about matched betting. Even Oddsmonkey get a lot of feedback like that from some of their players before they became their patrons. Since such a risk free gambling exist, when according to conventional gambling such an option doesn’t exist, it sounds too good to be true and it is a scam. A risk free gambling is already a red flag for most people and it is one of the factors on how they identify a scammer.

But what people found out about matched betting with Oddsmonkey is different. First, not even one of the bookmakers has asked the bettors to pay first before they can get started. Matched betting always starts with a free bet. It doesn’t even provide an assurance that whoever bets with the bookmaker, they are guaranteed with riches in the long run. Most bettors use the free trial account in order to take a look at what this matched betting thing is really about.

It’s too hard or it’s too much effort

This reason is commonly heard amongst those who aren’t into sports and betting in events associated with it. Matched betting is usually betting on sports events. There are still people that have learned to understand how sporting events work and how bets are placed in such games, but they admitted that it took them a lot of time to understand fully what sports betting were all about. They had to read countless articles online for it. Some took to the visuals because it is easier for them to learn that way.

These days, there are training videos that will guide bettors on how to place bets with matched betting. Oddsmonkey has a training video on how to do the first steps with matched betting so that it will be easier for new bettors to understand the whole process in betting.

Nowhere to start

Even if you are a new comer and is not prepared to pay for the monthly service Oddsmonkey is providing, all you need to do is start out with their free trial first. Once you have successfully signed up, you will get access to tutorial videos and other visuals on how matched betting works. From there you get to decide whether or not you are going to go on matched betting further.

Is Matched Betting really a No Risk Betting?

You’ve probably heard or read a lot about matched betting at Oddsmonkey, but how sure is this form of betting that guarantees you will have the money whether or not you lose the betting? This is all about how you place your bets.

Why is it risk free?

This matched betting in Oddsmonkey works differently with the conventional betting people do when gambling. This is why matched betting can never be considered as a form of gambling, because players are guaranteed to win no matter the outcome. You still lose some money depending on which one you placed your bets on, but you’ll never lose all of them. This is a method perfect for those who are looking for the extra profit online. The bets you place on in this method is mostly on sporting events. This is commonly referred by many as the ‘bonus hunting’.

Using the free bets, the matched bettors are guaranteed with profits by having every outcomes of the event or match covered.

Many people think that the free bets are only provided in limited numbers, but with no risk gambling you are ensured that they just keep on coming daily. This is a kind of betting technique widely used by individuals solely for profit from the free bets and many other incentives provided by the bookmakers. This is why it is considered risk free since it is entirely based on an application through mathematical equation rather purely on chance, which is what pure gambling, is.

Rising demand of matched betting

Contrary to what people say, matched betting is not really something that just popped out a few months ago. This has long been offered online, but only got high in demand when it was proven to be profitable and legal to engage with. This is why it has gotten really popular among those who aren’t really into gambling but want extra profit for whatever reason they want with the money they win with matched betting.

Some are still not convinced that matched betting has gotten really popular. There’s a graph presented by the most popular search engine online, providing you a chart on how high the demand is for matched betting.

You might be thinking about how the companies or services like Oddsmonkey behind the matched betting are losing money since they usually provide free bets in the first place. This isn’t the case – bookmakers, the ones that offer the matched betting, uses this technique to entice the players to bet with them. This is like a marketing idea for new players to become true gamblers, if they knew what really entails in matched betting.

Also, if you are worried about the bookmakers’ profit with their free bets offered, they have staffs looking after bettors that are putting on too much value, so they place restrictions on accounts that may be taking too much of an advantage most of the time. This is to prevent the bettors to place very huge bets.

What is Matched Betting?

First time hearing about matched betting? If you want to make money or profit online, then this is one of your choices. You’d also want to check out Oddsmonkey if you decide to be in this game as well.

Many people are wondering whether or not matched betting is legal. Although the meaning of the words suggests that it is gambling, this isn’t gambling at all. Learning more will make you realize how easy it will be to make some added cash with matched betting, but do keep note that you are not going to become a millionaire out of it in one night.

Matched betting is a method of getting some of the free bets that are provided by the bookmakers. All these bookmakers promote their offers in order to invite new gamblers to place some bets with them. You will see something online that says you have to bet x pounds with them and they will give you x pounds free bet.

How it works

Here are some terminologies that you need to learn first before you engage with matched betting. The same terminologies are used in Oddsmonkey, too.

  • Back bet – this means that you are betting for a particular outcome to be true. A sample of a backing bet is something like this “I bet Spain will win”. If this is true, you have won the bet and you’ll get the winnings. If Spin loses or you got a draw, you will lose the stake you placed in. You can choose any bookmaker to put on your back bet.
  • Lay bet – this is a move where you bet against something that will come true. Just make an opposite prediction like the one above: I bet Spain will not win. This is still an example of the lay bet. If they either draw or lose, you still win. The lay bet can only be placed in a betting exchange, like the Betfair.

At this point, you already have an idea how matched betting works – this is by means of cancelling the risk with the ‘back’ bet at any online bookies through betting against yourself with the same odds, which is referred to as ‘laying’ a bet. And this is only done at a betting exchange. To put all of these in a few words, the player is ‘matching’ with their own bet.

After the first or the ‘qualifying’ bet you got, you will get an award with a free bet which will be provided by the bookmaker. This is the profit that you’ve heard most about matched betting. All you need to do is just repeat the process. You start with utilizing the free bet then lay up the bet. Whichever the result is with the placement, players are guaranteed with profit.

How much can you make with Oddsmonkey?

For every matched betting, you will be left up to 95 percent free bet amount as your profit. The reason for this is that the betting exchanges mostly charge with a commission of 5 percent on the winnings. You also get to make a small loss with the qualifying bet because of a minor difference in the odds on every website. To read more about oddsmonkey, check out my Oddsmonkey Review.

How To Use The Public Sidewalk Like An Adult

Unless you’re a billionaire and you have someone to drive you around absolutely everywhere, there’s a very good chance you walk on public sidewalks.

If you do, there are some things that need to be discussed.

I’m not sure why people assume that on a sidewalk you can just walk wherever or however you like. I mean I guess it’s not policed like the actual roadways and there’s no laws towards it, but a little common sense and courtesy goes a long way.

My biggest pet peeve is when there are three or four people walking side by side on the sidewalk. No, they’re not really doing anything wrong, unless they’re completely unaware of their surroundings.

If I’m walking behind this group of hooligans, and they’re probably hooligans because there’s four of them, it’s almost impossible for me to get by them without walking on the road. I shouldn’t have to walk on the road. That’s what the sidewalk is for.

When I approach these groups, I usually drag my heel a bit during my steps to get that scraping/scuffing noise so they can hear me, or I’ll cough. Sometimes both.

This is the sign for “get out of the way” immediately. Go two by two if you have to, I don’t care, but make room for people to walk by.

What’s even more frustrating is when I’m walking TOWARDS one of these groups and nobody moves out of the way. I mean they can clearly see that someone is walking towards them and will need to get by them, but they make no effort to get out of the way. Because I’m not a very nice person, I usually just walk through them even if it results in knocking into them. I mean someone needs to teach these damn kids a lesson. You’re welcome.

Slow walkers are also annoying. They’re almost as bad as big groups, but at least you can get around slow walkers. Provided they’re walking on the right side of the sidewalk. If you’re a slow walker, do not go up the middle. You make it impossible for people to get around you and that’s infuriating.

Imagine the sidewalk like a road. You have your lane, people going the other way have their lane. You should never go right up the middle, unless you’re passing. Those are just the rules.

Also like driving, is when you leave a building and enter the sidewalk. If you’re walking out of a store, don’t just open the door and barge right now. It’s very likely that people are going to be walking on a sidewalk.

Take a look, see when it’s free to move and then take a step out. If you just pulled a car into an intersection without looking, you would be charged for negligence or some other thing that’s against the law. I’m not a lawyer or a police officer, so I don’t know the charges. But either way, any resulting accident would be your fault for just pulling out before it was safe.

This should also apply to walking.

Operate your body like you operate a car, and I won’t have to walk into you.

The Man Cold

This may be the last thing I ever write, so I want you guys to really cherish this post. I wasn’t feeling well for a few days, and now I know why.

I thought I had the flu, but it turned out to be worse. Much worse in fact.

I have the Man Cold.

This is without a doubt the worst affliction anybody could possibly ever experience. I’ve done hours of research, and I still haven’t been able to find anything that could be compared to the severity of the Man Cold.

Now I know I’ve written about how terrible hangovers are, especially the older you get. But that’s something we can all experience, so I’m sure you girls can relate to that.

But there is no way you can ever understand the pain that is the Man Cold.

Imagine you’re hungover, like the kind of hangover where every move you make sends daggers into your skull. But you can’t try to hold your head to stop the pain because you’re just too tired to move. Your joints ache and your limbs are just too sore to move.

It hurts to move my eyes. MY EYES! I’m pretty sure while I was sleeping someone lined the inside of my eyelids with sandpaper. I’m fine if I look straight ahead, and only blink once every 8 minutes. That seems realistic, right? That’s not a creepy look at all.

Have you ever coughed up a ball of fire, because I’m pretty sure I’ve done that multiple times today. How my body decides if I’m going to cough up small knives that rip apart my throat, or nine liters of phlegm instead, I’ll never know. But it’s never an equal amount of both, just one extreme or the other.

Now this may just sound like a regular cold to you girls, but I assure you it’s not. I’ve had a cold before, and yes, they suck. But when a cold graduates to a Man Cold, it’s so much worse. And unless you’re a wife or a mother, you just won’t understand that. You haven’t been complained to enough.

I actually talked to my mom on the phone today, and when I told her I had a Man Cold she offered to fly across the country to take care of me. That’s how serious Man Colds are. That’s also how awesome my mom is, but that’s a different post for a different time. If I survive this.

I’ve eaten chicken noodle soup four times a day for the past three days. That’s too much soup. I mean I love soup, but that’s too much soup.

And here’s the worst part about it. Because I have things to do in the daytime, like my friggin job, you can’t sleep all day. Or if we’re telling the truth, because I get too invested in Netflix, I can’t sleep through all these episodes. And all your body wants is sleep. But there’s stuff to do, so you don’t sleep.

Then when it’s time for sleep, you lie down and painfully close your eyes and wait until you drift off.


That’s not an option. You need to stay awake. You can’t go to sleep when there’s all this nothing to do at 3am. So let’s not get any rest, that will definitely help fight this sickness. I’m pretty sure the best way to fight any sort of virus is with exhaustion. That’s the best way for sure. Right? Guys?

So it’s now almost 4am and I’ve decided that either I’m going to feel good in the morning. Or I’ll be dead. I’m not sure which one it will be, but I definitely won’t be sick anymore, that much I’m sure of.

Lunchroom Etiquette For Office Workers

I don’t know what makes you think you should touch my food, but you shouldn’t.

There is a lunch room etiquette that needs to be followed. The first major rule being, do not touch someone else’s food. Just don’t. In fact, you should never touch anybody’s food ever unless you’ve been given specific instructions to do so.

If your name is Debbie, the only reason you should be touching Ryan’s sandwich is because he was fired or he’s dead. Maybe if he lost a bet, and Debbie won his sandwich.

If Ryan’s sandwich is getting moldy and gross, it’s understandable that you’ll want to touch his sandwich and throw it out. But don’t. It’s still not your property. Tell Ryan to throw out his moldy sandwich. Maybe Ryan likes moldy sandwiches, you don’t know.

Maybe if Ryan is notorious for letting food go moldy, you institute a 14 day storage policy. If his gross sandwich is there after said time frame, Debbie can get her grabby mitts on it.

Otherwise, somebody is going to throw out something that has not gone bad. And so help me god, if I come into the lunch room and discover my lunch has been tossed, I’m going to find out who threw it out and eat their lunch.

And then I’m going to take Ryan’s moldy sandwich and hide it in their desk on Friday at 5:03pm.

Some people eat weird food. It may look like it’s spoiled and it could smell like it’s spoiled, but maybe that’s just the way it looks and smells.

Do you like Parmesan cheese? Me too. But it smells like feet and farts. If I opened a fridge and all I smelled was parm, I would throw everything out. Despite how delicious it all may be, especially with that stinky cheese on top.

I’ve learned recently that evidently provolone cheese can be mistaken for spoiled ham. I’m not entirely sure how someone came to that conclusion, but it’s a real problem, and a young woman had to go hungry because of it.

There is just no reason to be touching other peoples’ food.

If you want ultimate fridge control, buy one of those mini-bar fridges and put it in your office. If you don’t have an office, and you have a cubicle instead, I’m sorry to tell you that you don’t have enough authority to be in charge of the fridge. You’re a cubicle worker, this means you have no control over anything except what kind of cat posters you get to hang above your desk.

You need to respect the rules just like all of the other cubicle soldiers. Keep your non-spoiled food in appropriately sized containers. Don’t be that guy that puts a whole pizza box in taking up a whole shelf just for two slices of pizza.

If you have a full pizza in there, that’s fine, because you’re probably sharing with people. And if not, that’s even better because I think it’s hilarious that someone would bring in a whole pizza and eat it to themselves. But keep it stored appropriately. Either eat it all in one sitting like a champion, or throw out the box and put the slices in a ziplock bag or container.

It should also go without saying that if you put food in there and it doesn’t have your name on it, you are more than allowed to be upset if someone eats your unclaimed food. But nobody is going to sympathize with you. You messed up and didn’t say whose food it was, that means it’s fair game. Yes it sucks that you don’t have a lunch, but someone else jumped on an available opportunity to get ahead. There’s a good chance that’s the next person to get a promotion, because they clearly know how to capitalize on a great opportunity.

Don’t be the guy who puts in a case of 12 water bottles either. Two or three at a time is fine, but you’re taking up too much real estate with a full case. You don’t need that many waters in there, especially when three feet to your left is a machine that produces cold water. The water cooler.

The Awkward Morning Elevator Ride For Office Workers

The morning elevator ride is a complicated thing. I’ve spent years trying to study it, and I still have not come up with the proper way to handle it.

Just think about what’s actually happening in that situation. You’re forcing yourself into a small box with a number of other people, and you’re stuck there for a small window of time.

Now this wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t guaranteed to see these people again. Let alone in 15 minutes when you go to put your lunch in the fridge. But you’re sure as hell going to see them again, if not multiple times this afternoon then, then definitely later in the week.

Mondays are clearly the worst mornings to get in the elevator. You’re probably going to have to explain to a quasi-stranger what happened to you over your weekend. Not a completely terrible thing, but if you’re only riding up 3 floors, that probably doesn’t give you enough time to go into any sort of detail.

And even if you’re going higher, and you can get into detail, everyone knows that you have to leave time for the other person to speak. So that cuts your story telling time in half. And the only possible way to get out a whole weekends worth of stuff in under a minute is to say “Weekend was good. Caught up with some friends, had a couple drinks. Nothing too crazy.”

There has never been a crazy story told in an elevator. There just isn’t enough time.

And God help you if you get into an elevator with someone you don’t work with, but that works in your building. You have to be cordial, but how do you maintain any sort of quiet dignity for an entire elevator trip?  I mean you can only look at your watch for so long before you’re obviously trying to avoid talking to them. So you reach into your pocket and grab your phone, there’s got to be something to look at there.

But cell phones don’t work in a lot of elevators, so they know you’re not checking your emails.

If your ascension is any more than three floors, you have to at least say hello. And then once that happens, where do you go from there? Again, you do not have enough time to learn enough about this person and to share anything important about yourself.

The only thing there is to do is to make a cliché joke about going back to work. Everybody hates these comments, but everybody’s said them at least once in their life.

I would rather take 12 flights of stairs every day than to say “Only a million bucks short of being a millionaire” to anybody ever again.

And if you’re lucky enough to bump into a friend of yours going into the elevator, common courtesy states that you can’t carry on your conversation in the elevator. The best you can do is very short sentences in hushed tones. Because for some reason every conversation is a secret, and you don’t want anyone else to hear.

The worst part of the work week is the walk to the elevator doors. I can only ever imagine the worst possible scenarios, and nothing causes me more stress throughout the week. I’d rather give a presentation to the CEO about a subject I know nothing about than get into an elevator with the CEO who I know nothing about.

There are no positives to taking the elevator. It’s an awkward social experiment that we all put ourselves through. Just take the stairs. It’s healthier, and there’s less talking.

Public Bathroom Etiquette For MEN (MUST READ FOR MEN)

I’ve never been in a women’s washroom, but from what I’ve heard, I can only imagine there are a million mirrors, potpourri and couches everywhere.

Men’s bathrooms are much different. Much different. There’s usually two or three toilets out of order, there’s a tap that’s constantly running and there’s no soap in any of the dispensers. On top of that, if you’re lucky, there are separate stalls. Lots of places have a trough.

A trough to pee in.

That’s archaic and cruel. And disgusting. Mostly disgusting.

Now when you’re at a sporting event, chances are you’re a few beers deep and peeing into a trough doesn’t seem like a big deal. If you’re sober, there’s a very good possibility you’ve considered peeing into a cup in the corner.

With all this being said, it’s time to go over public bathroom etiquette. There are unwritten rules about going to the bathroom in public. And now I’m going to write about them. If you are a girl, you don’t need to any further than this, as it does not pertain to you. I do encourage you to read it though so that you can pass on the knowledge to your sons.

Firstly, keep talking to a minimum. The only way to have a polite conversation with someone is to do it while making eye contact. But maintaining eye contact while you’re relieving yourself is not okay. So don’t carry on conversations. It’s going to weird you out, it’s going to weird out the guy you’re talking to, and chances are there’s a guy parked in a stall that doesn’t want to be a part of the conversation either.

Acceptable things to say in public bathrooms are “hey”, “what’s up”, “excuse me” and “sorry”. That’s really about all that should be said.

Next up is probably the most important rule. Spacing. Unless there’s no other available spots, do not stand directly next to another guy. Go a minimum of two urinals down. Quite honestly, anytime I’m at a urinal and someone walks in and obeys the spacing laws, I applaud them in my head. Just in my head, not out loud. Unless you’re a two year old learning how to use the toilet, it would be super weird if someone applauded you for peeing.

Now if you are the one to come in and everyone is already evenly spaced out, go to a stall. Do anything you can to avoid being beside someone, let alone two people.

If you’re the guy in the stall, here are your rules.


There is absolutely nothing worse in the world than if you’re at a Mexican restaurant and you get a rumble in your stomach, you bolt to the bathroom, and the toilet seat is covered in another man’s urine. So the next time you try to test your aim, think about the guy that’s coming into that stall in a panic. Imagine it’s you. Do the right thing.

Just as important, FLUSH THE TOILET. It’s baffling to me how flushing the toilet still eludes people. There is no reason that should ever happen. If it’s a small child who doesn’t know better, fine, I guess that’s okay. But their father should be there to say “Did you remember to flush?”, if it’s a grown man… I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it.

Flush the toilet. We may have to pee into a trough, but we’re not animals.

Now I wish this next part would go without saying, but evidently people need a reminder. Wash your hands. The signs aren’t just there for employees. Everybody should wash their hands. Especially in a public bathroom.

The only possible caveat to this rule is that if it’s a very busy bathroom like at a football game or something, get a quick rinse and get out. Don’t be the guy that hogs the sink for 2 full minutes. There are beers to be drank and hotdogs to be eaten, and you’re slowing everyone else down.

So clean yourself, but do it in a time efficient manner.

The same rule applies for towel dispensers/air dryers. Use them to get the majority of the moisture off your hands and then wipe your hands on your pants like everyone else. We’re all on a schedule.

So despite the fact that the men’s washroom is a gross gathering of gross individuals, there is a necessity for decorum. It’s important to follow these rules to increase productivity and decrease awkward encounters with strangers.

And just because this is such an important article, I will summarize what you need to remember from now on:

  1. Keep Talking To A Minimum
  2. Keep Adequate Spacing
  3. Lift The Seat (In The Stall)
  4. FLUSH The Toilet
  5. Don’t Hog The Sink

Now go out into the world and pee in public. I mean not actually in public, just in public bathrooms. There is a quiet feeling of satisfaction I get when I leave a public bathroom and everyone followed protocol. It just makes for a better bathroom experience. Now you know the rules, we’ll see.

“Netflix and Chill” ruined “Netflix and Chill”

“Netflix and Chill” no longer means come over, watch a movie and hang out. If something happens, cool. Not that I ever said “Netflix and Chill”, but inviting someone over to have dinner and watch a movie used to be a valid option for a date.

Now it’s a straight up booty call. And everyone knows it. I mean it’s efficient and it cuts right to the chase but it’s ruining a great thing.

You used to be able to go out for dinner, then grab a drink and see where the night takes you. Inviting someone in for a drink and a movie probably meant you were getting laid, but it wasn’t a guarantee. Maybe they just wanted to have a drink and watch a movie, because both of those activities are fun.

A movie and a drink was great for starting things off slow. The guy pulls the classic stretch and put the arm around the girl. Holy crap, scary part in the movie and the girl flinches and grabs the guy. This is all vintage stuff that was a sure fire way to get things going. Eventually it leads to a hardcore makeout on the couch. And maybe it ended there, or maybe it moved to the bedroom.

But that’s gone now. Netflix and chill doesn’t mean Netflix and chill. It’s an innuendo, if you know what I mean.

It’s at the point now where you turn on a movie, literally any movie because it’s already been decided what’s happening. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching, you’re only going to watch 5 minutes of it.

And I hate it.

I love watching movies, I like hanging out and having a drink. It’s a great way to find out if you’re comfortable with someone. You throw on a stupid movie that you kind of pay attention to but mostly you’re talking with the person you’re with. The movie is there as a buffer, just in case the conversation stalls for a bit. It’s a filler.

I’m the kind of guy that would much rather just sit around and have a home cooked meal with someone than go out to a loud, expensive bar and yell about your past to a stranger. And I can’t do that anymore! If I invite a girl over to hang out, there are two reactions:

  1. I get called a pig and I’m berated for not being respectful.
  2. The girl tells me she’s going out for drinks with friends, and she’ll stop by after.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all opposed to a quick hookup, but that’s not what I’m after. And the girl that’s giving me the gears won’t hear any more from me as I try to explain that I didn’t mean “Netflix and chill”. That ship has sailed.

So if you’re browsing Tinder and you see Netflix and Chill in someone’s write-up you know what they’re after. It really streamlines the process. And I hate it.

I have to save dinner and a movie at home for the third date now, because that’s the only time I can do it without getting yelled at. Even if I’m not even trying to have sex! So to whoever made “Netflix and Chill” a thing, I hate you. You’ve taken one of my favorite activities, lying around watching movies, and made it sleezy.

While I appreciate the fact that there are time saving ways to find out where the date is heading, find a different way to do it. Leave Netflix out of this and figure out how to seal the deal on your own.