What is the product?
Odds Monkey is a big database of bookmaker websites where it information bets that are available which includes odds. Next to this it shows odds that are available on various betting exchanges such as Bet fair. This is then expressed as a rating percentage for that game. There are two different subscriptions for Odds Monkey with one being free and the other premium. there is very little distinction between the two with the exception that the premium version updates each time information changes compared to every 30 minutes with the free version of Odds Monkey. There’s also a list of various offers that numerous bookies have as well as a forum that premium members can chat in (there’s limited access to this for free members too).

What is the investment vs. the fee of return?
Odds Monkey is available for £8 per month or access can be purchased for a complete year for £88 per month. It’s far worth noting that this doesn’t seem to come with any form of money back guarantee. In terms of how much you can make, that is a hard thing to judge. First and foremost Odds Monkey is a tool. Realistically this will depend on how properly you pick your bets and how much you are willing to invest.

Does the product provide value for cash?
Realistically, if you use it frequently enough then I believe that Odds Monkey certainly provides value for money.

How Does OddsMonkey work?
The premise is the exact same as the other matched betting service communities out there.
As a provider, OddsMonkey teaches subscribers how to do this method through training videos and written guides. At the start, you may learn how to work through a string of the low-hanging fruit that is bookmaker sign-up gives from which you will make loads of pounds. After this the OddsMonkey team will, on a daily basis, locate and inform their members of the great value offers to be found so that you can keep profiting time and time once more.

Within a week with this life-changing provider.

What do I get with OddsMonkey?
Subscribing to OddsMonkey receives you access to the whole website which incorporates:
• Complete matched betting training in the shape of 100+ written guides and video examples
• Links and complete instructions to over 50+ bookmaker sports sign-up bonuses (worth over £1,000) and 15+ casino sign-up offers
• New offers each day, displayed on the daily calendar
• Complete forum access
• Complete customer support along with the option to book one-on-one sessions through UberConference
• Access to 3 software tools to help you make consistent, long term daily earnings

Odds Monkey isn’t something new, but it does provide a very decent service at a more than competitive rate. While this isn’t for everybody, particularly because arbitrage opportunities are not open for long which means being at your computer quite frequently, there is actually a few potential to make cash using Odds Monkey. while I wouldn’t be inclined to refer to Odds Monkey as a must have product, for those in the right business there is a lot on offer for very little outlay, regardless of no cash back guarantee.