OddsMonkey overview

OddsMonkey has progressed from just being an odds matching to a full-fledged matched betting website. If you’re truly interested in bonuses and free bets along with almost everything that any advanced matched betting package gives then look no further. From my personal enjoy, i am pretty much assured that everyone with decent betting knowledge would simply fall in love with OddsMonkey. My OddsMonkey review is aimed at all those betting lovers, novices and professionals included, who are searching for a comprehensive matched betting experience.

What you get after signing up with Odds Monkey?
• New Account offers list
• current Account offers listing
• OddsMatcher
• betting Calculator
• each way Matcher
• Racing Matcher
• Dutching tools
• Acca Matcher
• Tennis Matcher
let’s go through every of the tools that make Odds Monkey a bliss for people working from home:
OddsMatcher software will be your bible. This where you can check close matched odds fast and efficaciously. Allowing you to seamlessly check loads of bookies and exchanged bets making it smooth for you to find a close matched bets. Oddsmonkey does all the hard work in the background all you need to is find a close match!

New Account offers
when I subscribed with Odds Monkey, I got whole access to their list of offers and free bets so as to open the new accounts with distinctive bookmakers. I was also provided with a guide on how to avail and execute each of the offers. The offers are also labeled and marked as rollover bonus, risk-free bet, Betx Getx and so on. Which make it less difficult to distinguish.

Bet Calculator
the calculator is a life saver when calculating the quantity you must bet. It is simple to use, simply input the odds in which the bet requires and let Oddsmonkey calculator do the rest. The calculator will let you know immediately how much you should lay for the exchange to make the bet risk-free.

Horse racing more your aspect? Do not worry, that is also covered, as stated earlier a premium characteristic but completely free included in the subscription cost with OddsMonkey. Odds change so fast previous to horse races beginning, but with this tool you find matches fast!
A greater advanced tool that you’ll employ in the later levels of matched betting. Perfect access to find very similar matched ACCAs; it even permits you to lock the income for 100% risk-free. Very popular tool to run alongside your daily matched betting routine with massive returns.

Dutching tool
this dutching tool helped me to locate the Arbs between two bookies.
Tennis Matcher
Tennis Matcher helps you to avail the tennis gives along with the odds matcher to locate the closes match between the exchanges and bookie odds.
All in all, OddsMonkey is the best destination for matched bettors because it offers a wide range of tools as well as guides to help you rake in.