Match Betting with Oddsmonkey: A Straight Up Review

If you’re into match betting then you’ve probably already heard of Profit Accumulator. Enter Oddsmonkey. Oddsmonkey has positioned itself in direct competition to Profit Accumulator, and they’ve set out to cover pretty much all your match betting needs, whether you’re a still-wet-behind-the-ears newbie or an experienced match-betting pundit.


When you sign up and log in to the Oddsmonkey website the first thing you see is the user dashboard. Here you’ll find all of the match betting guides, the day’s available offers, and a feed from the Oddsmonkey community.

Click on the drop-down menu for a search bar that will take you to any of the 5 basic tutorials for the absolute beginner, and which really explain all you need to know about match betting, from how to get started to the logic behind how it all works. You can also check out the sample videos that walk you through how to place your first bets.

Oddsmonkey’s Dedicated Training Area

Another click of the mouse will take you to Oddsmonkey’s training section. This area is structured into different sections, which include the New Account Offers– a really cool feature that gives you the low-down on all the available sign-up offers. Other sections contain Existing Customer Offer Guides, Reload Offers, Product Guides, and just about every tip and hint you need to start earning cash.

Oddsmonkey Tool Box

The Oddsmonkey software comes with an innovative set of tools all designed to enhance your earning opportunities. Be sure to check out the Odds Matcher which displays a screenshot of the different matches that are available– like Close Matches, Customer Offers, Dutch Search, and the Oddsmonkey Match Calculator, a really handy tool which takes all the hard work out of your match betting calculations. And that’s NOT all.

Oddsmonkey Community

The people who use Oddsmonkey’s community are a friendly bunch and they’re really responsive to newbies who enter the various forums with a load of burning questions. The community is packed full of active members, ready and able to offer advice, tricks, and tips whenever they can.

Just in case if you can’t get the information you need from one of the forums, then Oddsmonkey also have a dedicated support feature that puts you in touch with the customer service team. All you will have to do is Take a ticket, ask your question. They’re sure to get back to you pretty pronto.

Another cool feature of the Oddsmonkey website is Ben’s Matched Betting Blog which offers a great insight into the life of someone who uses Oddsmonkey’s software on a daily basis. And believe me when I tell you, match-betting fans can all learn a heck of a lot from Ben.

The Wrap-Up

Oddsmonkey has already earned itself a good, solid spot in the match-betting niche. The software does everything you’d expect from a match betting company, and the website is crammed full of information, guides and tutorials to help even those individuals who have no prior experience of betting whatsoever.

The customer services offered by Oddsmonkey are nothing short of excellent, and the feel-good community atmosphere is palpable and a real boost to the company. The website is easy to navigate, and more or less self-explanatory, which is really what you need. After all, you’re on Oddsmonkey to make money, not wade your way through tons of hard-to-understand mumbo jumbo.

Oddsmonkey has set itself up to be a direct rival of Profit Accumulator

But it doesn’t need to prove that it’s better. In fact, on most levels, the two actually compliment each other. Both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey offer winning potential around the £2000 per month mark, and success stories can be heard from both camps. In the end, it all comes down to a matter of personal choice I’ll leave you to decide.