I Think I Am Learning to Get Past My Anxiety Issues

As someone who has severe anxiety, I have tried to limit my interactions with the general public. I have gone to a doctor to get medication for my issue, but that solved nothing. So, I sometimes shun things like HVAC installation in NYC or getting other things done around my house because it has been easier for me to ignore the issue. But this year, I decided that I wanted to be part of the living again, and I wanted to quit ignoring things. So, little by little, I have been tackling things around the house that needed to be done. I had been wanting to get a new AC for over a year, and it gets quite hot in the summer. So this year, I told myself I would not put up with ignoring it again.

Part of my anxiety comes about from my need to be really clean. I clean like crazy, but in my mind, my house is still not clean enough. And then I get anxious and worry about what other people will think of my home and my general surroundings. I am aware that it is silly, but I still fret over it. I began talking to a counselor about it, and I tol dher that I wanted to get better. We spent a lot of time discussing my issues, and at some point, she told me that I shoul invite her over to get comfortable with people in my house. I felt comfortable with her and I trust her. So, I decided to go through with it.

Before the big day, we discussed that she would be honest with me and tell me if she thought anything was amiss in my house. When the day I arrived, I was highly anxious. She walked in and told me that my house was beatufiul, clean and that I didn’t have to worry. She even helped me to call someone over to come give me a quote about installing a new AC unit!