Does Matched Betting Still Work?

Since matched betting has been in existence for a very long time, it is hard to still believe in its functioning. With matched betting, many people have made a lot of money and also sometimes loosed a lot of money due to some error that might occur in matched betting.

Many people have used matched betting as a source of income during their youthful years as college students, left it for a while and are now wondering if it still works.

Presently, matched betting has even gone beyond what it was in the past. It is now more risk free, more profitable, easier and more exciting especially with matched betting sites like oddsmonkey which is a matched betting service where you pay a monthly subscription and in exchange. It helps you get the best bonuses and offers a step-by-step guild on how to use them. All you need to do is to first sign-up to oddsmonkey and you can enjoy all of its benefits.

Before now when betting, you have to find all these offers yourself, spending all your time reading terms and conditions and typing into spreadsheets. But now all things are made simple, all that you are required to do is log-in and start working your way through the curated list of offers on oddsmonkey.

The Betway’s Sign-Up Offer

This offer is where you can place a qualifying bet and win rewards with another. It is commonly called stake-not-returned free bets by those in the matched betting community because the stake part of the free bet is not returned when the bet wins.

The process for you to make money out of this bonus is actually simple. What you can do is

  • First, deposit £30.
  • Then bet £30 on odds of no less than 2; lay off at a betting exchange to hedge the bet; the lower the odds at the exchange the better.
  • Bet the bonus amount on odds of at least 5. Lay off at the betting exchange.

Oddsmonkey actually makes it all easy, using a tool called the ‘Oddsmatcher’ which searches through the bookie and finds the best chances where the odds are best. However, the higher the rating, the less money you will make and to work out just how much to lay off, you can use the calculators on Oddsmonkey.

So, Does Matched Betting Still Work?

Well the answer is yes! Matched betting still works amazingly well.

Though it has changed since it all started; the bonuses are smaller, terms & conditions stricter and there are a lot less bookies around, it still has so many amazing benefits to it. It is convenient, simpler (since there are calculators to help, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius) and enjoyable with friends and family.

So, if you are considering partaking in matched betting, it is best you go in with the intention of winning a few thousand pounds of easy money and moving on and don’t put all your live savings in it.