What Makes Oddsmonkey Easy to Use?

Individuals who are new to matched betting may find it difficult to believe how easy and profitable matched betting is especially if done with the right matched betting services like oddsmonkey which is a betting service site that is a lot easier if you are willing to make more money through matched betting.

So why have we recommended oddsmonkey as the best betting service for you? This oddsmonkey review will give a better understanding.

The act of matched betting has been in existence for a long time, but has just begun to get popularity around the word in this last couple of years. Websites like Oddsmonkey have helped place matched betting as one of the best ways to enjoy sports and many individuals who have never placed a bet before in their lives are now partaking in betting , with totally no risk to their money.

On their website, Oddsmonkey has a video on their website that explains everything that matched betting entails better than any other site. For beginners, Oddsmonkey makes matched betting easy by providing understandable tutorials and then post every offer from many of bookies every day.

There are also many other services provided by oddsmonkey to its members, not all of these services are available in free trial.

  • Oddsmatcher

Oddsmatcher in Oddsmonkey is where it all begun and what made other matched betting service sites to be formed. Some other sites, after oddsmonkey made their own matched betting site, decided to create theirs but was still not as good as Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher. Oddsmonkey had advanced for years and had spent so many times working out the hooks of matched betting and already had the best oddsmatcher. The Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher lets you do your betting easily and the more time you spend every day matched betting the more chances of you making more money.

  • Matched Betting Calculator

Oddsmonkey also provides you with an amazing calculator to help you work out how much you need for backing and laying. The calculator is a very important tool for matched betting so you will have to get familiar with it. It lets you know all you need to know, how much to bet, how much to lay and most especially how much money you will win as soon as the bet is complete. It is really fast and simple to use.

  • Horse Racing Matcher

Many matched betting offers circle around horse racing. For horse races the challenge there is that the odds change quickly, mostly near the beginning of the race, which makes finding a good match to be a pain and this is where the horse racing matcher from oddsmonkey comes in. Actually, there is great money to be made through horse racing extras and this oddsmonkey makes it so much easier to profit from them. It also has a sequence of filters so you can remove any bookies you don’t have accounts with.

  • Each Way Matcher

Each Way Matcher is another horse racing tool. Most horse racing bids contains the offer of an extra place during the placing of an each way bet. The Each Way Matcher a more advanced matched betting method but with the oddsmonkey and its tutorials beginners will be able to become proficient at it in no time.

  • Acca Matcher

Accumulators are essentials of matched betting but can take lots of time and discouraging. Oddsmonkey’s Acca Matcher lets you make a profit from all Acca you now place. You can try putting on an Acca bet, using oddsmonkey and use the lay bet instructions. It is really that simple. No matter what happens in the Acca concerning outcomes you are making money. You can factually make money with Acca every day if you wish.

Oddsmonkey-The best ‘matched betting’ platform!

Have you ever wondered about exploring the methods to earn cash by working from home and for generating a second source of income? Well, one of the nice methods to do the same is the ‘matched betting’. However, it is important to understand the principle of matched betting absolutely before indulging in it.

What is matched betting?
Matched betting is a completely unique concept that involves the use of the betting method by the people to make a profit from the free bets online and the chance to earn incentives offered by bookmakers. Unlike the traditional betting concept, it is usually risk-free because the method is more scientific and is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance betting.

Benefits of matched betting
• one of the biggest benefits of matched betting is the fact that it is completely Tax-free.
• The concept once understood very well, is simple to use and is completely legit.
• Matched betting is a risk-free concept and there is a safety of not losing any money doing it!
• using the right channels such as Oddsmonkey, matched betting gives the right opportunity to earn extreme cash by leveraging the free online bet offers. The concept offers guaranteed returns to the customers.
• The earnings are constant and ongoing as bookmakers are always working hard for customers with new offers for existing as well as present customers.

Matched betting but why OddsMonkey?
Considering the fact that Matched betting is based on mathematical calculations, it needs the expertise and the confirmed strategies to achieve success. Although, it takes years to master the strategies, with Oddsmonkey all the hard work is done for the users to enjoy maximum financial benefits. Below, I have provided you with some of the reasons why Oddsmonkey is the best place for matched betting-

  • Oddsmonkey uses the confirmed strategies and techniques to get the most out of the bets. All you need to do is follow the guides and make cash from this betting adventure.
    • Oddsmonkey provide all the betting tools one need in the monthly subscription fee without any hidden costs or premiums to pay, unlike the competitors. The benefit of using Oddsmonkey for matched betting is that one can begin earning as soon as they are a full-fledged member at the Oddsmonkey platform.
    • Superior customer service with a handy and active customer community and the telephonic support facility available.
    • Availability of the free 1-to-1 live sessions to talk about the bets and to explain how to use the numerous tools for better incomes potential.

Want more validation for the credibility of Oddsmonkey?
It is quite common to be sceptical of exploring a brand new avenue for cash making; however, based on the personal experience, this is the most logical and tested betting method for developing a constant source of second income.

Earnings being completely tax-free and risk-free is the added bonus. Exploring matched betting with Oddsmonkey is your golden chance of earning a full-time income at your own comfort, working from home.

An Introduction to Sport Betting

Sport betting is one of the most thrilling and fast rising ways to enjoy every sport and other main events. Factually, sport betting has existed for hundreds of years, if not even farther in some ancient societies. In our present day, the pastime activity for many has now had a vivid increase in fame majorly through the use of the internet. Sports betting players on oddsmonkey are now able to research their game picks with more ease and also place their bets without even leaving the comfort of their home.

What is Sports betting?

Before looking into the benefits of sports betting, you have to have an understanding of what sports betting really is.

Sports betting is the act of placing an actual money stake on the result of a certain sporting event or other major events.

Some individuals have maybe in some way placed a sports bet with friends or family and did not even know it. Sometimes we bet someone 5dollars or maybe lunch on which team would win the football match. By doing this, you have made a sports bet.

The simplest method of sports bets is selecting the winners of games, you can just place a money stake on who will win a certain game, and if you are right, you win. Sports betting is done with almost every sport like basketball, football, soccer, boxing, baseball, hockey and many more.

Some sports books go further by providing bets on non-sporting events like WWE, politics and competitive eating. You can literally sports bet on just about anything that has an unknown outcome. Sports betting can also be complex in the instance that you pick how many points each team scores, how someone will win or how long it will take them to win.

So what are the benefits and why would you want to sports bet.

  • Easy to Get Started

Sports betting is really easy to get started with. It needs no extra tools and does not need a big financial commitment to get started. You can plainly begin a match bet by betting £10 on one football match or even less on oddsmonkey. Also, you don’t actually need to bet more than this just because you have been doing it for a while.

  • Entertainment Value

The major reason most people get involved in sports betting is for entertainment value. Sitting with friends and watching live sports is fun, but the rush and excitement can be more thrilling when you have money at stake.

  • Potential to Make Money

One amazing thing about sports betting is that you constantly have the opportunity to make some money. Irrespective of the size of your bet, you at all times have the capacity to win which does not just feels good but adds a little extra cash in your wallet.

  • Play Every Day with Ease

Many of our favorite leisure are amazing, but we just can’t do them every day, maybe because they are too costly or because they are a physical leisure that we aren’t strong enough to withstand every day. Sports betting, on the contrary, is an affordable pastime you can play and enjoy anytime, anywhere and every single day. You can enjoy it from the comfort of your home no matter where you placed the bet, whether online or in a casino. You can simply log on to the Oddsmonkey website to bet on football matches. Because there are several sports existing, there is always a sport going that you can place your bet on.

Common Questions Asked About Match Betting

Top of Form

To some people, match betting is a new experience, making them have so many questions they need answers to. With these questions answered they might feel more comfortable partaking in match betting.

  • What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a platform where you place opposing bets on the same match, race, game or event so that you can win, irrespective of the results. On OddsMonkey, you can earn how to use the welcome offers and free and unrestricted bets provided to new and existing users to maximize your earnings.

  • How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount of money you can make depends on how much time you spend matched betting. Most of OddsMonkey’s users are constantly making up to £1500 every month, with some more advanced members gaining much more.

  • Are There Any Risks?

Just because you are covering all results or outcomes by backing and laying your bets, you are effectually removing the risks that are connected with traditional betting. Human mistake is the only actual risk, like not checking for the newest odds or placing an incorrect bet.

  • Do I Need To Know Anything About Betting?

You don’t really need to know anything about betting to participate in it because matched betting is not like traditional betting and there are over 100 step-by-step guides and video tutorials created by OddsMonkey to make sure that you know just what you are doing. OddsMonkey users have a series of backgrounds when it comes to their understanding and experience of matched betting and they are recording constant profits ever month.

  • Do I Need To Know Anything About Sports?

Sports matched betting is more about calculations and the method use in backing and laying your bets than about what the bets are really been made on.

  • Is It Legal?

Absolutely, matched betting is 100percent legal. There is no illegal component in match betting. It is a free bet and you can do whatever you like with it.

  • What Is The Best Sport To Bet On?

What you feel is best to bet on is totally up to you. On Oddsmonkey you can get a variety of sports you can bet on like football, tennis, horse racing, cricket and ice hockey.

  • How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

At first, you can start with £50 to get you up and running.

  • Where Do I Find Offers And Free Bets?

You can find offers on Oddmonkey’s Daily Offer Calendar.

  • I’ve made a Mistake. Can I Cancel My Bet?

As soon as a bet is been placed with a bookmaker, technically, such bets cannot be cancelled. But, there are some ways you will be able to cancel out the mistake. Some bookmakers provide a cash-out option, where you can get back part of your stake. Or, you can offset the bet by setting in a betting exchange, like Betfair, using one of Oddsmonkey’s handy calculators.

  • What Is The Difference Between Backing And Laying Bets?

A back bet is a bet placed with a bookmaker on something to occur, while a lay bet is the opposing bet made on something not to occur and is placed with a betting exchange.

  • Do I Need To Be Good At Maths?

Having an understanding is good, but you don’t necessarily have to be maths pro.

  • When Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

To know this, you will need to read the terms and conditions for every bookmaker. While some will let you withdraw straight away, others will ask you to reuse your winnings a few times at first.Bottom of Form

The Basics of Matched Betting

Now you are interested in ‘Matched Betting’ but need a guide. Well there isn’t really much to know in about match betting because it is quite simple. All you need to know is the basics.

Firstly, read my Oddsmonkey Review

So, here is some of the things involved in matched betting-

What Is Exactly Is Matched Betting?

Basically bet sporting is just about-

  • First registering online with an online bookmaker who offer a free welcome bet.
  • Then placing a qualifying bet to unlock your free bet by concurrently ‘Backing’ an event to happen and ‘Laying’ that the event will not occur.
  • And also place a free bet using the same process, to get a second break-even situation.

Match betting is not gambling; you are not hoping that an event you have bet on will luckily happen. Actually, matched Betting has very little to do with events.

How Is Matched Betting Risk Free?

In match betting, there is no risk. The only thing to bear in mind is human error. The only way you can lose money is if you make an error, like missing a step in the process, or you read the screen incorrectly and bet on the wrong event, or you put the wrong amount of money in the wrong site. With Oddsmonkey all the work is basically done. All you need to do is just to engage your keyboard, check and check again.

What’s Backing and Laying in Matched Betting?

A ‘Back’ (backing) bet is a bet on something to happen like a football team to win, a horse to win a race, a person to be evicted from Big Brother and so on. It is just like the bet you would often place with a traditional bookmaker or even with your buddies.

A ‘Lay’ (laying) bet is the opposing bet made on an event not to occur and is placed with a betting exchange.

The Free Bet

With free bet, you are just doing the exact same thing again, but this time, for the first half of the bet you are not giving the money, so you are going to equal yourself out once more, but only will have provided part of the money.


The Importance of Terms and Conditions

In match betting there is nothing that could actually trip you up but you will need to look out for some certain things, one of which is terms and conditions.

Normally, the things you will need to scan search for in the terms and condition text are:

  • The amount of free bet.
    • The qualifying bet and odds.
    • Time when the free bet becomes available; straight away or after qualifying has settled.
    • The dates of eligibility; the qualifying bet most times has seven days to be made and also does free bet.
    • The wagering requirements; normally the free bet has to be bet as a whole, but some allow you to break them in different parts.
    • If the free bet stake is refunded which is almost always no.
    • The roll-over requirements.

How to Make Money from Football Betting

As the 2017/18 football season is on, there is just one thing everybody wants to know and that is how to make money from football betting, of course. That is not surprising, since football betting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in the sports markets.

Most people are tired of losing when placing their weekly Acca and would like to make a little bit of more money this year’s football season and even during upcoming football seasons.

Are you one of these individual? Well, you have come to the best place where you can get the basic understanding of matched betting and how to make money through match betting. If you know what to do and how to do it, betting on football can be really profitable.

This post will take you through football betting and how you can make money from football betting with OddsMonkey and matched betting.

What Is Matched Betting?

Everyone has heard of match betting in one way or the other, maybe through adverts, a friend or on the internet.

In a simple sentence, a match betting involves putting a back bet with the use of free bet at a bookmaker while putting the opposing lay bet at a betting exchange. Usually, bookmakers include certain terms by which customers must first place a bet with their own money so as to be able to qualify for the free bet. It is also seen as a betting technique used by people to profit from the free bets and inducements provided by bookmakers.

But without getting too in-depth, too soon, matched betting is where you turn bookmakers’ free bets into real cash.

Here is a quick explanation of the process of football match betting and how to do it-

  1. First, you need to register with an online bookmaker like Coral, which is offering a free ‘welcome’ bet. A welcome bet could be a ‘Bet £5 and get a free £5 bet’.
  2. Then you place your qualifying bet, which is actually made up of 2 bets, the backing and the laying. You can back an event to happen, like France to win, at the bookmaker. That is where the ‘matched’ bit comes in, at the betting exchange; you can ‘Lay’ France not to win, meaning either a draw or loss. Now you have covered all possible results of the football match. Which means that you will not win any money, but you will not lose any either. All you have done, actually, is to unlock the free bet.
  3. You can use the same method of backing and laying bets to place your free bets. Yet again, you will break even, but you will actually have gained already all because you were using the free bet instead of your own money.

OddsMonkey overview

OddsMonkey has progressed from just being an odds matching to a full-fledged matched betting website. If you’re truly interested in bonuses and free bets along with almost everything that any advanced matched betting package gives then look no further. From my personal enjoy, i am pretty much assured that everyone with decent betting knowledge would simply fall in love with OddsMonkey. My OddsMonkey review is aimed at all those betting lovers, novices and professionals included, who are searching for a comprehensive matched betting experience.

What you get after signing up with Odds Monkey?
• New Account offers list
• current Account offers listing
• OddsMatcher
• betting Calculator
• each way Matcher
• Racing Matcher
• Dutching tools
• Acca Matcher
• Tennis Matcher
let’s go through every of the tools that make Odds Monkey a bliss for people working from home:
OddsMatcher software will be your bible. This where you can check close matched odds fast and efficaciously. Allowing you to seamlessly check loads of bookies and exchanged bets making it smooth for you to find a close matched bets. Oddsmonkey does all the hard work in the background all you need to is find a close match!

New Account offers
when I subscribed with Odds Monkey, I got whole access to their list of offers and free bets so as to open the new accounts with distinctive bookmakers. I was also provided with a guide on how to avail and execute each of the offers. The offers are also labeled and marked as rollover bonus, risk-free bet, Betx Getx and so on. Which make it less difficult to distinguish.

Bet Calculator
the calculator is a life saver when calculating the quantity you must bet. It is simple to use, simply input the odds in which the bet requires and let Oddsmonkey calculator do the rest. The calculator will let you know immediately how much you should lay for the exchange to make the bet risk-free.

Horse racing more your aspect? Do not worry, that is also covered, as stated earlier a premium characteristic but completely free included in the subscription cost with OddsMonkey. Odds change so fast previous to horse races beginning, but with this tool you find matches fast!
A greater advanced tool that you’ll employ in the later levels of matched betting. Perfect access to find very similar matched ACCAs; it even permits you to lock the income for 100% risk-free. Very popular tool to run alongside your daily matched betting routine with massive returns.

Dutching tool
this dutching tool helped me to locate the Arbs between two bookies.
Tennis Matcher
Tennis Matcher helps you to avail the tennis gives along with the odds matcher to locate the closes match between the exchanges and bookie odds.
All in all, OddsMonkey is the best destination for matched bettors because it offers a wide range of tools as well as guides to help you rake in.

Does Oddsmonkey Really Work?

OddsMonkey comes with the potentials of giving you guaranteed earnings while working from home and the best thing is that it offers. From novice to professional betting lovers, everybody will love to join OddsMonkey. Bookmakers from all over the international are trying to grab your eyeballs and compel you to sign up for their packages.

You may have also seen the television advertisements or the commercial on the stores. However, none can deliver the way OddsMonkey does. Each review you read online or personal experience of clients you hear, you’ll find people telling you that there is no Odds Matcher that can equal the one provided by OddsMonkey.

Bookmakers are trying every effort in the book to add people to their customer list and are spending thousands of pounds to maintain existing customers and beat the competition. In their bid to win new customers, bookmakers also provide massive incentives as free bets and other appealing offers. If you research well, you will be able to find free bets worth thousands of pounds, regardless of whether you are an existing customer or a new one.

OddsMonkey makes use of all the free bets along with a few complicated mathematical calculations and its exceptional software to make sure you emerge as the winner. Subscribing with OddsMonkey is actually easy and you can even get a free trial for the software before going for the premium subscription.

There are basically 3 steps involved in OddsMonkey subscription:

Come and discover – OddsMonkey offers in-depth training program along with video tutorials that assist you to study everything about matched betting.

Execute – go for the free trial and work from home to make money without investment by using the welcome offers.

Win big – begin generating a second earnings by stacking the odds in your favor by signing up for the premium membership.

It’s a perfect win-win scenario when you get into the world of OddsMonkey. Give it a try as it is one of the most real programs that truly works.

Highlights of the OddsMonkey software:

You’ll find an OddsMonkey review regularly but no one gives you the true picture about the software. here is what you can expect to get out of the software:
• a total of 5 guides will display each member as to how one can make at least £45 within an hour using Matched betting
• free bets worth more than thousand pounds are there in store
• Subscribers can get the latest updates on casino bonuses and sports activities from the daily offers calendar
• You’ll also get access to the active forum where you’ll find lots of other betting lovers.

People regularly tend to use the free version while starting; however, when you go through the features provided by the premium account, you’ll gladly agree to pay the monthly fifteen pounds. The minimum input ensures you get a guaranteed return on all your investments.

Oddsmonkey & Betfair Exchange Integration

OddsMonkey have introduced an outstanding new feature which makes matched betting less difficult, faster and doubtlessly more worthwhile.

As of today, OddsMonkey have released an upgrade to their software which allows customers to place bets on Betfair exchange from within their OddsMonkey account. This incredible new feature integrates customers’ current Betfair accounts with their OddsMonkey account permitting customers to place lay bets quicker and easier without having to go to Betfair at all.

One task in matched betting is putting your back and lay bets as fast as possible to ensure odds don’t change in the process. It’s sometimes frustrating switching between bookmaker and exchange tabs and can be time consuming. This upgrade eliminates all of those troubles and so we’re very excited to test this feature out and hope it works as described.

The benefits of this update
At the moment, the main advantage of linking your Betfair account to OddsMonkey is time saving and convenience. You’ll be able to place your lay bets from within the calculator so as to prevent opening Betfair, clicking on the odds, entering your stake and confirming your bets. It makes the process of matched betting that little bit simpler.

However, regardless of this being an awesome addition to OddsMonkey, the best is probably yet to come. At the moment, this feature is only included into the odds matcher and calculator but the OddsMonkey team are working on integrating it with all OddsMonkey tools. I feel that is where customers will see the maximum benefit as it would be a very beneficial feature when added to the each way matcher and accumulator tools.

There are some useful features included into this update such as:
1. When placing your lay bets from within your OddsMonkey account it won’t partial match your bets. It will only either completely match them or not lay them at all. Partially matched bets are a common trouble, particularly with beginners and when odds are changing fast.

  1. It will also automatically lay your bet at the best fee. for instance, if there’s only £5 available on an event at odds of 3.9 but £100 available at odds of 4.0, the software will lay the £5 at 3.9 earlier than laying the rest of your stake at 4.0.
  2. If the odds on Betfair change while you are placing your back bet the software will notify you. It will then automatically update the calculator with the new odds and the new lay stake. Once more, saving time, effort and calculations.

How to link your OddsMonkey and Betfair accounts
If you’re already a member of OddsMonkey the first step you will have to take is to link your OddsMonkey account with your Betfair exchange account. If you’re not a member at OddsMonkey yet, sign up for a free account and click on the icon to join Betfair.

Linking your accounts is easy and takes no more than a minute to do. From your OddsMonkey account, click on the ‘link your Betfair account button’ found at the bottom of your dashboard.
On the next page click on the ‘link to Betfair now’ button.

You’ll then be taken to Betfair where you’ll be asked to log in to your account.
Once logged in, click on the ‘Agree’ button to confirm you are satisfied with OddsMonkey to place bets for you.

Once you’ve finished those steps. It’s done! Your OddsMonkey and Betfair accounts should now be linked. This is a one-time requirement and you won’t need to link your accounts again. If you want to unlink your accounts, you can do so at any time from within the ‘Betfair settings’ section on your dashboard.

This is actually a step in the right path for OddsMonkey and matched betting in general. We’re looking forward to listening to the thoughts of OddsMonkey customers in the weeks to come once they had a chance to try it out and of course to test it out on the other OddsMonkey tools once that update is released.

Why Matched Betting is not for everyone

At this point, you’ve probably heard about matched betting and read a lot of its concepts and how to play it. You’ve also probably tried out the trial offered at Oddsmonkey to see whether it is really telling the truth and that it is not a “too good to be true” offer. You’ve probably realized at this point that even though matched betting is such a good way to earn some income on the side, knowing that there is no risk in betting at all, you’d wonder why not everyone is into it.

Here are some reasons why.

It smells of scam.

One of the biggest setbacks of matched betting is that the offer is too good to be true that it is behaving in the same way that scammers do.

But there are some characteristics of matched betting, especially with Oddsmonkey that makes them better compared to scams. The latter promises a lot of things that are too excessive and it forces you do to it. Matched betting may have the first characteristic, but it is not on a scale that it is excessive. One thing that gave way to matched betting and gained a lot of bettors is it doesn’t promise a life filled with riches when signing up under them. Not even one of them asks their bettors to make payment right away. All they need to do is serve the bettors with their account and it will be up to the bettors where they are going to place their bets. The service provides an online tutorial on how to get started and several other info on how matched betting works.

It makes you lose a lot of money.

Matched betting is indeed a gamble, but not on a scale that you lose a lot of money, unless you do it that way. There is a reason why you need to understand the basics of matched betting first because through there you get to create a strategy on how you are going to make your next move – whether you are going to use the free bet offered to you by the bookmaker or you bet your own money and bet on both outcomes. Bettors are expected to place a bet on both outcomes, but it will be up to the bettor to place how much. Whatever the results are going to be, you will still earn money. This is why many people talk about how much they have earned well with matched betting because they are guaranteed to win.

It is illegal.

Matched betting does sound illegal if you do not know a thing about it. The money is tax free wherein it utilizes the offers of the bookmaker. However, you will be surprised that matched betting has been around for many years and it is a legal transaction. This is because the bets made in here are based on the outcomes of sports events. This means both minor and major sports events are made bets in matched betting.

Can Students Earn Profit with Matched Betting?

College students that have loans to pay off after graduating is like a death sentence for some of them. This is because they know they aren’t guaranteed with a job right after they graduate. And even if they do get secured for a job just before finishing college, it can be quite a challenge to maintain a budget to live for yourself and at the same time paying for the money you owe from college. So when college students hear about a risk free gambling that can make them earn big, of course they would be talking about matched betting.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a kind of gambling that is free from risks and it usually bets on sporting events. Many of those who have made bets in this refer to it as ‘bonus hunting’. Those who want to join in this kind of betting are expected to open an account with the bookmakers like Oddsmonkey before they place their bets. However, most matched betting start off with a free bet you can take advantage of. This is especially true when you use their free trial if you aren’t sure if matched betting is really for you.

The idea here is that you get to extract the free bets just by betting both on against and for on a certain event. There are online betting sites that offer matched betting. This is why there is no risk to matched betting because you have an option of placing two bets and it cancels each. Depending on how much you bet, you get to win some and lose some at the same time.

The key feature in extracted profit guaranteed for you is to repeat the ‘matching’ process on a particular bet again, but it will be using the free bet offered by the bookmaker rather than using your own money. Whatever the results may be, the bettor is guaranteed with a profit or a win. By applying the same technique in extracting free bet provided by the bookmakers, this can result to a very big haul of money.

Students and the risk of joining matched betting

There is still the risk of anyone joining matched betting, not just the students. While in theory matched betting doesn’t have any risks, the sole risk of this method is that most people who have a lack of understanding on how matched betting works is what really makes them lose a lot of money. There is a reason why services like Oddsmonkey offer a video tutorial and an overview of matched betting when bettors open an account with them. The problem with these people is that they get too excited that they just dive in without understanding how the whole thing works.

If students were to join in matched betting, it is important that they read up more information regarding the technique and record all the activity they have made with the service, like Oddsmonkey, in a spreadsheet.