Selling Custom Socks As Our Team’

My husband is the coach for a local little league baseball team in our town. Our son plays on this team and loves it. The team doesn’t have a whole lot of money and we are always looking for different and unique ways to hold fundraisers to help with the costs of the team. We have done all of the typical fundraisers in the past and are going to hold a brand new one by selling custom socks. We found a company online that has a wide variety of socks to choose from that are completely customizable.

I think we are going to go with one or two basic designs with the team logo on them with the option of adding a name to the socks. Continue reading

I Think I Am Learning to Get Past My Anxiety Issues

As someone who has severe anxiety, I have tried to limit my interactions with the general public. I have gone to a doctor to get medication for my issue, but that solved nothing. So, I sometimes shun things like HVAC installation in NYC or getting other things done around my house because it has been easier for me to ignore the issue. But this year, I decided that I wanted to be part of the living again, and I wanted to quit ignoring things. So, little by little, I have been tackling things around the house that needed to be done. I had been wanting to get a new AC for over a year, and it gets quite hot in the summer. So this year, I told myself I would not put up with ignoring it again.

Part of my anxiety comes about from my need to be really clean. I clean like crazy, but in my mind, my house is still not clean enough. And then I get anxious and worry about what other people will think of my home and my general surroundings. Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Damaged My Roof

I have been through some pretty bad storms, but nothing compares to Hurricane Sandy. I am thankful that my house just sustained some damage, because I know there are a lot of people who lost their homes outright. Dealing with a damaged roof was my biggest concern, and that was made easy because of the company that I hired that does roof repair in Queens. I knew that there was no way I could do the repair on my own. Even if I was younger and felt confident of working on a hot roof all day long, I just do not have the knowledge on what all needs to be done in order to do the job right.

That is also why I hired a professional company. There were all kinds of advertisements from handyman services who would fix everything from a basement issue to a damaged roof. I wanted a professional who only concentrates on roofs, because then I know the job is getting done right. I also had safety concerns if a handyman would do the work. Continue reading

A Gym Ball is the Perfect Companion for Shakeology

Are you hitting the gym? Maybe you’re like myself and making use of that gym ball you have sitting around. After finding delicious Shakeology ingredients, I made the decision to start exercising again. Diet has always been the most difficult part for me but with Shakeology I think I can finally get over that hump. I like eating tasty meals which is exactly what Shakeology provided. So, if you’re using a gym ball, you might want to check out some tips and advice that I’ve learned over the years! For all intents and purposes a Gym Ball is a wobbly bench. Continue reading